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Kainakary Chavara Fest 2017 was celebrated at Chavara Bhavan, Kainakary, on Saturday, 2 September 2017. This interreligious cultural fest of the people of Kainakary was jointly organized by Chavara Bhavan and Chavara Cultural Centre, Karikamury, Ernakulam. The programme, arranged in the context of Onam celebration, began with various competitions for various age groups from Kainakary, arranged at KE Carmel School, Kainakary. After a modest Onam lunch in the school premises, which was partaken by more than 500 people, a solemn procession of about 750 people started at 2:15 pm, consisting of one group from KE School and another from the Chakankary Bhagavati Temple; after merging together at Chavara Jetty, they moved in solemn procession towards Chavara Bhavan, the venue of the concluding celebrations.

Chenda melam and Sinkari melam and various other native art forms, including Kathakali, Theyyam, Kuchipudi, Mayilattam, and Mohiniyattam along with Margam Kali, added colour to the procession and showcased the uniqueness of Kerala culture. The procession was led by a group of local and state level cultural and religious leaders, including Dr. Sebastian Paul and Dr. K. S. Radhakrishnan. Public meeting began at 3:45 pm, which was presided over by the Kainakary Panchayat President Mrs. Sheela Sajiv; Dr. Radhakrishnan and Dr. Sebastian Paul were the chief guests and Fr. Sebastian Thekkedathu and Fr. Saju Chackalackal, two CMI General Councillors, along with Fr. James Madathikandam were the special guests.

During the programme, five eminent persons from Kainakary were honoured for their contributions to enhance the sociocultural situations of Kainakary; they were the following: Kainakary Baby (Freedom Fighter & Kathikan), Kainakary Thankaraj (Drama), Antony Thomas Valiyaveettil (Vallamkali), Lijin Jose (Film director), and Binoy Job (CEO). This meaningful and relevant programme, necessary for the uplift of the cultural and unity quotient of Kainakary was made possible through the initiatives of Fr. Roby Kannanchira, Director of Chavara Cultural Centre, Karikamury, and Fr. Thomas Kallukalam and Fr. James Karoor of Chavara Bhavan, Kainakary, along with the Panchayat Ward Members and a group of committed volunteers, including Fr. Joseph Ayyankari, Principal of KE Carmel School, Mr Boban Velloor, and Mr Joppan. It is planned that the celebration of Kainakary Chavara Fest will be an annual feature connecting the people of the locality and celebrating the uniqueness of Kaninakary through various cultural celebrations.